We will have a Tithonus Land Rover and a Land Rover Wolf present at Armed Forces Day on the 6th July.

The Tithonus Land Rover that will be on show, was fully refurbished by the MOD as part of the British Army LEP (Life extension programme) and left service in 2017 having spent its service life with the RMP, Gurkhas and the Royal Logistic Corps. It today represents the 11 EOD RLC. The Land Rover will also be towing a 2007 Penman trailer.

The other vehicle, the Land Rover Wolf, the current version of this military vehicle is still in use by all branches of the Armed Forces today. It looks similar to the Tithonus, but under the skin is much improved from the original version.

Thank you to the owner of the Tithonus Land Rover for supplying me with the information about both vehicles.

More information about the Tithonus can be found here:

Information about the Land Rover Wolf can be found here:

The first three photos are the Tithonus Land Rover, the last photo is of the Land Rover Wolf.