The Plymouth Branch of The Royal Tank Regiment Association will be with us on Armed Forces Day. The Plymouth Branch is the ‘home branch’ of The Royal Tank Regiment Association that binds the Regiment together. It preserves the comradeship, standards, values and traditions of the Regiment. It looks after those who are serving and those who had served and when you leave the Regiment, you are automatically made a member of the Association.

The Associations main objective is to keep the avenues of communication and contact between their past and present members, building friendships between them and providing the support for social get togethers. To aid members of the Association, and the dependants of former members who may require some assistance.

They do say “Once a Tankie, Always a Tankie”

Stop by their pitch and have a chat with the representatives of The RTRA. I’m sure they will have some stories to tell.

Or if you would like a career in the Army, especially the Royal Tank Regiment, take a look here: