Taunton Trusted Providers are going to be with us on Armed Forces Day. We are a self sustaining peer network for Taunton run by members.

So just who are Taunton Trusted Providers? They are a self sustaining network of peers concentrating on Taunton and the surrounding area. Their members are all at the head of small enterprises and they are committed providing a quality service to help and support local people in the hope that it enables them to maintain a good quality of life in their own homes.

The type of services they provide range from personal care, nursing care, dementia care, companionship, hairdressing, gardening and many more. They are committed to delivering a high standard and good quality of service.

Each member is vetted and required to supply their current qualifications, be insured, have their DBS Certificate and be verified by a panel of their peers.

Stop by their pitch have a chat with their representatives to find out more about Taunton Trusted Providers and what they may be able to do for you.

Visit their website to discover all the services they provide: