The RNRM (Royal Navy Royal Marines) Off Road Team will be joining us on Saturday 6th July.

Taken from the RNRM website:

The Off Road team participate in 7 events each year pitting combined service teams against their civilian counterparts. Trucks are pushed to their limits in a variety of disciplines including orienteering, night races, timed events and trials. Any 4×4 vehicle can be used, including Green Fleet once your FMT600 course is done.

If you’d like to participate you’ll need a road taxed 4×4, a driver and a navigator. The best ‘navs’ are able to read OS maps, plot routes and give clear instructions to the driver. If you have a truck but no navigator then please get in touch as we can usually find you someone to be paired with.

They hold training days twice a year on Salisbury Plain to build the skills set of each crew. Events are normally a day long but they do a fantastic night event and a 3 day trip to Scotland c/o the army to close the season.

Looking to next season they’re hoping to work with AWDC to expand our event participation and also to retain the coveted Inter Services title.

Check out their website to learn more about the other RNRM Teams :

There’s the Car Racing Team, the Road Race Team. the Karting Team, the Enduro Team and the Motocross Team.