There will be two more vehicles present at Armed Forces Day on the 6th July, they are part of the The 4th Dorset HQ Coy 43rd Wessex Brigade living history display.

They are an Austin K2 GS Lorry and a Morris 10 Staff Car.

The Austin K2/Y is a British heavy military ambulance used by all Commonwealth services during WW2. Built by Austin, it was based on their 1938 Austin K30 30-cwt light truck and 1939 Austin introduced the 2 ton K2 series, followed on by two further 5 ton variants. Throughout WW2, Austin supplied the war office with lorries, some modified with four wheel drive and their K2 ambulance, known as ‘Katy’, made famous as one was driven by the then Princess Elizabeth, our late Queen.…/queen-elizabeth-ii…

Staff cars were used to ferry about the military ‘higher ups’ the senior military officers and were generally nothing more than an ordinary car painted in ‘war paint’ often being painted in camouflage colours or just black. These cars were various makes and models and the one we’ll be able to see on Armed Forces Day is a Morris 10.