We are pleased to say that the living history group the Medieval Free Company will be with us on Armed Forces Day. So just who are they and what are they all about?

They are a group of individuals and families who all have one thing in common, their interest in medieval history. Their speciality is recreating the ways and the lifestyle of a group of mercenaries during the period that was know as the Wars of the Roses. Everything that you see in their camp has been recreated, after thorough research, and is presented with historical accuracy and they use the materials and the methods that would have been available at the time, they want to make it an authentic living history camp and also include archery with traditional English longbows.

You can freely walk around their camp, getting up close and personal with all taking part, stop and ask them questions about the medieval trades and crafts they are recreating.

Take a step back in time and feel what it would be like living and working in medieval times.

For more photos of the trades and crafts that they recreate, take a look at their Facebook page:


Or check out their website here: