Football Fun Factory are on a mission to make football fun for boys and girls and they are joining us on Saturday 6th July. James Cutting is the founder of Football Fun Factory which was created in 2017. His vision was to provide memorable football experiences for boys and girls of all ages whatever their ability to help with child development and they aim to have fun while they’re at it. They want the children to be in an environment where they are able to express themselves, make new friends and best of all, have fun.

Jonny Martin joined James Cutting two years after the Football Fun Factory had been set up, they have both worked within a professional football club environment and coming from that background, they realised that the focus should be on children having fun.

Their aim is to make Football Fun Factory fun and experiences available to children across all of the UK.

If you would like your children to have the Football Fun Factory experience, stop by their pitch and have a chat.

Check out their website to see if there is a Football Fun Factory available in your area: