The Animal Rescue Charity Ferne Animal Sanctuary will be joining us on the 6th July.

Ferne Animal Sanctuary was founded by the late Nina Douglas-Hamilton, Duchess of Hamilton who in 1939 realised there was a need to help animals affected by war. The number of animals needing help grew, to the point where she decided to open the house and grounds of her family home, Ferne Estate in Wiltshire to help as many animals as possible.

During the war the Duchess and her staff of volunteers provided a sanctuary for over 6000 pets.

Lady Douglas-Hamilton passed away in 1951 but the legacy of Ferne Animal Sanctuary lives on, they became a registered charity in 1961 and moved to their current location in Chard in 1975.

They hold many events and workshops at the sanctuary, why not give their Facebook page a follow and pop along on Armed Forces Day and have a chat with their representatives to find out what they are all about.