We will have cadets from the 41F Squadron ATC with us on Armed Forces Day. 41F Squadron ATC are the Air Training Corps Squadron for Taunton and District and they cater for young people aged between 12 and 20.

So why become a cadet be it with the Royal Air Force, British Army or Royal Navy? It could improve their career and employment prospects, build self esteem and confidence etc and can be a lot of fun.

With the Air Training Corps Squadron, for the cadets it can be all about challange, excitement and adventure because of the things they experience such as camps in the UK and overseas, leadership courses, experience flights and pilot training, the focus is on learning and improving skills while they are having fun and enjoying themselves.

One of the things that some lucky cadets experienced this year was to help launch Red Arrows 60th display season calendar:


Why not have a chat with the representatives who are with the cadets if you think your child or children would be interested in becoming a cadet.

If you are coming to Armed Forces Day and live out of area, check out the Royal Air Force Air Cadets webpage and put in your postcode to find the nearest Squadron to you:


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